Hi Millie, nice to meet you today. Below is a basic mockup of a website for F&M Faces & More. As I mentioned, you can have a

  • booking form that notifies your mobile
  • all your work in a gallery
  • map location
  • home/about/us/prices (up to 7 pages) 
  • links to your social media
  • Artwork
  • video page
  • accept payments online

I can build whatever your requirements are which I can replicate from your competitors. Also, if Ashley is interested as well, I can give you a discount for both of you. To use any of the image artwork below, simply hold and save, share or print. You can add to your Instagram.

I will now send you a link to this page and hopefully, we will chat soon

Best wishes

Peter. (www.dbhm.co.uk)

To see another website example Click Here

F&M Faces & More

By Milly

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All aspects of Make Up


All Areas




Shellac Hands and Feet

Eye Brows BY


  • Eye Brow Wax & Tint
  • Eyebrow Wax & Shape
  • Ey Brow Tint

and much more


F&M FACES & MORE is located in Ashley Fleur Hair & Beauty,201 Walton Road, L4 4AJ.

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